Note To Self.

When I started this blog a month ago I wrote down two seemingly simple goals that I had. The first goal was, ‘Post something at least once a week’, and the second was, ‘Be honest’. I know they don’t seem like much, but I am new to blogging and I am new to setting goals (that I … More Note To Self.


I recently spent some time reading through Proverbs. Each chapter is comprised of so many proverbs, so full of wisdom and advice for life, that it can be difficult to take it all in (especially if you are reading three chapters at a time, which is the way I did it and a way I wouldn’t recommend). However, … More Giving


My name is Stephen, I am 20 years old, and I am currently unemployed. Introduction done, right? Wrong. It’s funny how when someone wants to get to know you they begin by asking those three questions first, as if these three facts somehow define who you are. If I started a conversation off with “Hi, … More Introductions